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Discover your most fertile days
A woman has about 6 days in each month when she can get pregnant. This includes the first day when her ovaries release an egg( ovulation day), and the 5 days before. This is the time when she is most fertile. Click below to find your most fertile days.

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A healthy baby is a wealthy gift

An infant born to a married couple is the symbol of their love, mutual understanding and procreative abilities. It makes their life worth living and becomes a sweet reason for their existence.

Many are unaware of the conducive parameters for conceiving a healthy child. The right time for ovulation, the proper nutrition needed for the pregnant mother, the pre-natal exercises, the post-natal care for mother and baby etc. are relatively grey areas for many married couples, especially those in urban, nuclear families. Here, we attempt to shed more light on these obscure areas and make pregnancy and child-rearing a happy, fulfilling experience.